Your blog not bringing the kind of visitors you want?

Give good time for your valuable blog readers by writing quality interesting original content, if you have more to write, its not necessary to write only technical content, you can very well write you experience in the related field and share your good and bad experience on the fields you like and involved.

(1) For the start, choose catchy titles and interesting titles, which is valuable and should be unique

(2) Don’t urge by adding blogs by count, write few good blogs and gradually increase the count, you obviously will increase your blog posts when you see comments from your loveable visitors in future :)

(3) Select or think topic on problems vs. solutions, and write your experiences and thoughts and ask for comments and add their valuable ideas towards your blog, this will create pillars for your blog

(4) Don’t use too much of images like banners in blog, since blog is only meant for content and make your visitors to read your valuable write-ups, of course you can add your photo :)

(5) Take your blog readers to a casual mood when reading your contents and make them interested to visit you again and again, help them by adding a feed reader or bookmark so that they can easily add, don’t make your visitor strain :)

(6) Focus on navigation links so that your visitors can easily access your blog and can move from one post to another post

Is it possible to follow above points? I try to keep these points in my mind but some times i miss :), bust follow these things and be a successful blogger, Good Luck

Ooops!!! Did I forget something that you know to make a blog much more good? Sure there are lots more; drop them to comments, Enjoy blogging, All The Best

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Top Tips For Great SEO Expert

Top Tips For Great Seo Expert Hot New!

(1)Add Title related to targeted keywords, place only important keywords, do not exceed more than 25 characters.

(2)Add meta description related to Title tag. Repeat keywords used in title two times in meta description.Meta description should be unique for each pages with targeted keywords. Do not stuff keywords into meta description. Do note exceed 255 characters.
Note: Meta description and web page content should be a good one, if not it be placed in supplement results in "Google"

(3)Add meta keywords related to targeted keywords,now only meta search engine focus in this meta keywords.

(4)Add robots tag to tell search engine spider like googlebot and msnbot to index page and follow.

(5)Add re-visit tag to tell search engine to visit our site in number of days like "7 days" etc.

(6)Add Keywords towards H1 tag.

(7)Add Bread crumbs to increase web site navigation structure
(8)Add static Header and footer navigation links, Links should be text not as images.

(9)Config 404 for broken links in-order to avoid customers and clients moving away from our site.It can be done using IIS for asp server or .htaccess for PHP server.

(10)Analyze your targeted keywords using overture keyword selector tool or google suggest.

(11)Compare between two selected keywords using google fight tool.

(12)Focus strong keywords and weak keywords for the website, weak keywords will be supportive for strong keywords and for clients initial business.

(13)Add optimized content towards home page and inner page, give more importance to home or index page to make search engine index fast and efficient.

(14)Do one way and two way link exchange with worthy and quality sites to make your website more popular, its like tuning the site for web site popularity.

(15)Add links to directories more relevant to your web site, it will bring business through referrals and popularity.

(16)Add sitemap to web site.

(17)Create google site map to your web site and upload to your server and submit to google web master to tell search engine about the web pages in your site. This can be mostly useful for shopping or online product sale site.

(18)Add your web site to Dmoz and yahoo Dir, this will bring more hits to your web site. dmoz database shared by many search engines and directories including Great Google.

(19)Create feed xml, html xml and ror xml for xml search engines and directories.

(20)Monitor your hits and traffic by using free google analytics.

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Get FREE SEO Tip of the day Google gadget here

We are happy when we learn new SEO tip a day, it may be a designer, developer, webmaster, SEO person or business entrepreneur. Yes here you can find a FREE SEO Tip of the day Google gadget bug free one which will display a SEO tip per day. It’s just simple to add, check the below link / code, it can be added either to the web page or to the iGoogle, so that you don't miss the SEO Tips.

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Understanding Keyword Density

Do you know why your competitor always stands TOP and some goes DOWN to END?

Competitor who stands top all-time understands keyword density, high competitive keyword position can be attained only through proper keyword density and it can be approximately 2 - 8%.

Some list fast and we think how they do, they stuff keywords and dont meet keyword density rule, don’t mind them as a long term competitor, they can be dropped anytime, i have noticed many.

Try out this tool go rank which helps you to optimize websites with proper keyword density ratio

How keyword density been calculated?

Keyword density concerns with the ratio (%) of your keywords added within total number of indexed words within a webpage

Keyword density in % = Targeted Keywords / total number of indexed words * 100 (within a webpage)

Suppose, you have used keyword 10 times on your page and total number of words on your webpage is 200. So in this case 10 divided by 200 = .05

Keyword density is referred as percentage. So we need to multiply .05 by 100 to get percentage figure

Calculation would look like this:

.05 x 100 = 5%

So your page has a keyword density of 5%.

By this you can optimize your webpage effectively "matching keyword density, meeting SE algorithm rule" which brings top results on the search engines.

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How to do Mobile SEO? - Tips and Best Practices

Mobile SEO is different from desktop SEO and Mobile phones and not used like desktops. Content, navigations and user experience are different from desktops to mobiles. Here is a list of tips and best practice that can help you when you start with a mobile SEO,

(1) To start with you need to think that you are going to target mobile users and not
desktop users. Plan for it.
(2) As told mobile users are different and as well mobile search engines are different like Google Mobile, Medio and Jumptap.
(3) Get a dotMobi domain and build your mobile web site, for the best and effective SEO.
This has more value than '' or ''
(4) Ensure that you don't use flash, Ajax, frames and other presentations. Make it simple and clean. This will help to load faster that serves users and as well for the bots to find it easy.
(5) Use compliant markup language and mobile-friendly style sheets (CSS). This means WML
(or WAP 1.0) / xHTML. Make sure you go for W3C's MobileOK guidelines
(6) Make sure that your mobile site code is crawl-able by using proper headers and
robots.text file.
(7) Make use of the mobile predictive search key phrases that helps with your business and location. Optimize the mobile site based on the most preferred predictive search key
(8) Study you mobile audience and competitors rather than desktop audience and
competitors. Optimize your mobile site content with those mobile search key phrases and categories that your mobile audience will be using.
(12) Make sure that you have good level of outbound links and the navigation is easy to for users and bots.
(13) Ensure you key content is placed in the top part of the page as the users and bots will find it easy.
(14) Build sitemap xml for you mobile site and submit to Google Webmaster tool under
mobile sitemap section.
(15) Submit your mobile site to mobile search engines and top directories like dmoz in order to know about you site and to build inlinks.

Aim to work on these tips and practices to proceed with good mobile SEO. Configure Google Analytics for you mobile site and see the difference in your business from your mobile audience.

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SEO Lies and Truths

SEO deals with research and analysis and one can call him as a SEO specialist only through good long-term experience in various theme based industries and business sites.

Lie one - Come to us with $ we will get you #1 position for your keyword by a day, a week or a month. And some proudly say that if an SEO company doesn't guarantee then they don’t know SEO. So funny, may be they have the access to the Google organic listing Database or they might be talking about Google Adwords (PPC)

As a SEO client you can challenge those companies whom guarantees. Find and provide them a high or medium competitive keyword or keywords. Find those related theme based keywords using free Google keyword tool. You can see the fact on such.

I don't say #1 is not possible at all; it has to come though long time period based on so many acts and figures and not by a day, a week or a month. Use your commonsense, Google search your top keyword and find how your competitor ranks and in total how many competitors and in how many years of efforts. These types of basic analyses will educate you to find what is possible within a timeframe.

As well check that the company does "While hat SEO" and they are not into keyword stuffing and to all bad practice that are against Google guidelines, known as black hat SEO.

Note: May be, weak keywords with no search count or a very low search count keywords can be achieved in a short time, see that it reflects your ROI or it is a waste of time and money.

Lie Two - SEO is all about number of links. We build 10,000 links over night. Pay us $ for the links and get referral traffic and organic listing.

There are companies who build links with software’s or host directories in their servers for link backs. Do ask them for quality links rather than quantity links. Ranging from a small site to big site, quality links on an average 20 to 50 a month will do with traffic and results you look for.

Lie Three - Pay us $, we rephrase your competitor content based on your top keywords and list top above your competitor listing.

It is not the fact, now Google and other search engines are so smart to find those and push the results back. May be for few days the content lists in top but no use looking at long term.

Write content on what you offer in your own style and write content on what you know about the business practice and resources. Do not duplicate the same resources in different forms. Write better information than your competitor. Make readers happy, and then obviously search engines will make you happy.

Lie Four - Some web design or development companies says we do not build links every month so like other SEO companies we do not charge for SEO maintenance. Links are not that important now. Only keywords are important and we do add keywords to your site and it is only one time SEO setup and one time charge.

Off-page optimization (Link building) is as important as on-page optimizations (Site and keywords optimization). Quality links with site keywords as anchor text is one of the major factor in SEO and non-SEO companies lack knowledge on these areas like site submission to right directories and sites.

Lie Five - Money back offer is a catching word that attracts so many SEO clients. They present in such a way that they return the money if they do not obtain the results. They mix the strong keywords, weak keywords and keywords that do not have user search count. In few months when SEO client don't get business through SEO they asks for results and they are shown with keywords that has no search count or weak keywords position that do not produce quality traffic.

SEO client, when you see Money back offer in SEO sites or emails, then provide them the keywords you like your site to get listed. See that the user count for those keywords are high and medium, then your $ will be valued.

Note: The blog post points to some SEO companies and not all

Any other SEO lies you heard?

State those in below comment section.

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Good Adbrite Paying Keywords

These keywords are awesome, they generate $0.11 to $2.26 per click for me. I don’t know if these are the highest paying keywords for Adbrite but I’m sure they are definitely the top 25 keywords. First, let me make it clear, Adult keywords do not make you any extra money in Adbrite. Adult keywords just throw you to their other network – BlackLabelAds. (Tip: If you use these keywords in Adsense, except a minimum $2/click)

I have got many emails asking me for these keywords and how does Adbrite always display the ads on my website and there is never an “Advertise on this website – Powered by Adbrite” page. Its simple, I know my keywords very well :-)

My suggestion to you here would be to pick atleast 10 keywords that match with your website. You can choose the highest paying keywords and make more money or choose the keywords which you think your reader/viewers would like to see/click. It means the same thing – More clicks = More money

The keywords which I choose are:

affiliate marketing
make money online
web hosting

You can always try your own keywords. It is not necessary go with the ones which I suggest, but if you do, you are atleast making $0.20/click. Not bad to make money with Adbrite eh? ;) These are good keywords if you have been banned by Adsense and want to make the same click ratio again.

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